Rvvup payment gateway for Magento 2

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1.3.2 2024-07-15 12:11 UTC


Dockerized Setup of Test Store

If you would like to have a quick local installation of the plugin on a magento store (for testing), you can follow these steps:

  • Copy .env.sample to .env and update the values as needed.
  • Run the following command to start the docker containers:
docker-compose up -d --build

End to End Testing

This plugin comes with Playwright tests to ensure it's functionality. The tests rely on sample data provided by magento.

Get Started (install dependencies):

npm i
npx playwright install

(Recommended), Running the E2E tests against a dockerized store installation

This will spin up a docker container with magento installation + rvvup plugin installed and run the test against this container.


If you have an existing store, to run the tests, use the following command:

ENV TEST_BASE_URL=https://magento.test npx playwright test --ui # change your base url to point to the right domain