Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) bindings for React.

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Network News Transfer Protocol (NNTP) bindings for React. This component builds on top of the SocketClient component to implement NNTP.

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The recommended way to install react-nntp is through composer.

    "require": {
        "rvdv/react-nntp": "1.0.*@dev"

Basic Usage

Here is a simple example that fetches the first 100 articles from the 'php.doc' newsgroup of the PHP mailing list.

use React\Dns\Resolver\Factory as ResolverFactory;
use React\EventLoop\Factory as EventLoopFactory;
use Rvdv\React\Nntp\Client;
use Rvdv\React\Nntp\Command\CommandInterface;
use Rvdv\React\Nntp\Response\ResponseInterface;

$loop = EventLoopFactory::create();

$dnsResolverFactory = new ResolverFactory();
$dns = $dnsResolverFactory->createCached('', $loop);

$client = Client::factory($loop, $dns);

$group = null;
$format = null;

    ->connect('news.php.net', 119)
    ->then(function (ResponseInterface $response) use ($client) {
        return $client->overviewFormat();
    ->then(function (CommandInterface $command) use (&$format, $client) {
        $format = $command->getResult();

        return $client->group('php.doc');
    ->then(function (CommandInterface $command) use (&$group, &$format, $client) {
        $group = $command->getResult();

        return $client->overview($group->getFirst() . '-' . ($group->getFirst() + 99), $format);
    ->then(function (CommandInterface $command) use ($client) {
        $articles = $command->getResult();
        // Process the articles further.




To run the test suite, you need PHPUnit.

$ phpunit


You can also use the configured Vagrant VM for local development. Move into the /vagrant directory and run the following commands;

# Resolve the Puppet dependencies through librarian-puppet.
$ gem install librarian-puppet
$ librarian-puppet install

$ vagrant up