A package for Laravel PHP Framework to add a complete real-time chat system.

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Chatsys Laravel Package is the top choice for integrating a full-fledged real-time chat system into your Laravel application. With just one command, you can enhance your new or existing Laravel project with powerful chatting capabilities.

Key Features

  • One-on-one and group chat functionality.
  • Instant updates to contact lists in real-time.
  • Favorite user feature, akin to stories.
  • Live indication of user's active status.
  • Typing indicator for real-time messaging.
  • Message seen indicator for each message.
  • Real-time internet connection status monitoring.
  • Support for uploading attachments such as photos and files.
  • Integration of emojis for expressive communication.
  • User details panel for managing shared photos and deleting conversations.
  • Responsive design optimized for all devices.
  • User settings for customizing profile photo, enabling dark mode, and adjusting chat colors, all with a simple and elegant user interface.


To install the Chatsys Laravel Package, use Composer:

composer require rushabhsorathia/chatsys

Then, run the following command to install and migrate the necessary tables:

php artisan chatsys:install
php artisan migrate`


Defult route

env('CHATSYS_ROUTES_MIDDLEWARE', ['web','auth'])