RumbleTalk API Client Library for PHP

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RumbleTalk API Client Library for PHP

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This project hosts the PHP client library for the RumbleTalk API.


  • This library depends on the PHP cURL extension, which depends on cURL.
  • It is requires the json extension, which is bundled and compiled into PHP by default.
  • PHP >= 5.4
  • [recommended] Composer >= 2.0; Composer is not required but recommended.
    • If you don't want to use Composer, simply download the src/* folder into your project and use your own autoloader

Getting started

First, install the library using composer:

composer require rumbletalk/rumbletalk-sdk-php

Then require your autoloader, and use the client as such:

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

use RumbleTalk\RumbleTalkClient;

$appKey = 'YOUR_TOKEN_KEY';
$appSecret = 'YOUR_TOKEN_SECRET';

# create the RumbleTalk SDK instance using the key and secret
$rumbletalk = new RumbleTalkClient($appKey, $appSecret);

# fetch (and set) the access token for the account (tokens lasts for 30 days)

# use the $rumbletalk client to access the API endpoints
# see examples/*.php for the different usages
  • Make sure you replace YOUR_TOKEN_KEY and YOUR_TOKEN_SECRET with your values.
  • See our dev site Authentication page for instructions on how to get the token key and secret

Common uses

  • Members chat room
  • Live Events and streaming
  • One to one messaging (private or direct thread)
  • Social Chat
  • Q&A chat room


  • NEW - polls options in the chat

  • NEW - Bio Description can be added in the username (ex: display name+bio)

  • NEW - Admin count in plan summary added

  • NEW - Admin button is added for easy access

  • support for avatar integration with different members plugins.

  • Integration with WordPress users base avatar

  • Mark texts as a bold, italic, strike and code.

  • Admin mode - mute all users.

  • New lines - now you can add more lines in each message

  • Font size - increase/decrease the web-based font size

  • Private chat - prevents automatic private chat window popup

  • Paid access, bug fixes

  • Experts chat, allow you to advice in a private conversation (with or without payment)

  • PayWall - Set paid access to your chat.

  • Control what username will show in the chat

  • Keywords feature - automatic text highlights

  • login type: Register before logging-in

  • Better Sound Control

  • History search options

  • Export chat history to csv or html

  • Video chat messages, record 30-second video messages.

  • Mobile video calls (android)

  • Set Private chats with registered users

  • Spam Filter applied also for users name

  • Create additional rooms directly from the plugin

  • Open settings from WordPress admin

  • Delete Archive messages directly from the chat

  • Increase Font Size in mobile

  • Full Screen In mobile mode

  • Admin user avatar

  • BuddyPress integration

  • Export Chat Transcript from the chat interface

  • Auto login with your own users base users name (API)

  • IP info

  • Upload Images from your mobile device

  • Take photos from your mobile version

  • One on One VIDEO and Audio calls

  • Upload Docs, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF files

  • Upload Images from your own PC

  • Take pictures from your PC camera

  • Easily Embed a group chat in your site.

  • Chatroom Theme Library

  • Talk from Mobile and Tablet.

  • Login, Share and Invite

  • Private chat