Provides mappers for generate complex JSON outputs from entities

1.0.0 2013-09-13 05:22 UTC


Symfony2 Bundle that can help building REST services.

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Providing a REST service that returns a list of contacts linked with companies. The service has to deliver something like that:

    "id": 1181,
    "address": null,
    "email": "max.mustermann@dtb.com",
    "firstname": "Max",
    "lastname": "Mustermann",
    "company": 7
} , {
    "id" : 1177,
    "address" : null,
    "email" : "uwe.klawitter@dtb.com",
    "firstname" : "Uwe",
    "lastname" : "Klawitter",
    "company": 298

To generate this, some Doctrine entities have to be loaded from a repository and converted into json. Performing an json_encode() to on the entities won't work, because the entity contains proxy objects to the company. To solve this, the DoctrineBinder can be used:

$result = $this->container->get('doctrinebinder')->bind($models)->execute();

// finally the result has to be converted into json to return it as an response
$json = Dencoder::decode($result);