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Traffic Signs is a simple Package that aims to add pretty error pages for simple production projects in Laravel 4.

Traffic Signs simply listens for an error code and then returns a nice view in response with an error message.


This package is distributed using Composer. To install this, simply add "rtablada/traffic-signs": "dev-master" to your composer.json.

Then in your /app/config/app.php file, add 'Rtablada\TrafficSigns\TrafficSignsServiceProvider', to your Service Providers.

Using Traffic Signs

Traffic Signs works behind the scenes and listens for HTTP Exceptions. To try this out, browse to an unset route and see a new 404 page.

I am working to make Traffic Signs more flexible and stronger.


You can further configure by publishing the config using php artisan config:publish rtablada/traffic-signs.

To change the messages for different error codes by modifying key value pages.

You can set a custom error view by changing the view property. The View is sent $code and $message variables.