Provides Simple Integration of Stripe Forms

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Last update: 2022-09-26 04:56:31 UTC


When integrating Stripe in your blade views wouldn't it be awesome to just say {{ StripeForm::build(25) }} and have a full Stripe.js enabled form embedded with a charge of $25?

Well, that's what we are setting out to accomplish in this new package.


Getting to this awesome syntax is gonna take some coding, but we've already started making things easier for those of you who want to integrate a Stripe Connect button in your application!


Include this package in your composer.json rtablada/stripe-forms.

Then pull in and update your config file: php artisan config:publish rtablada/stripe-forms.

In your App config add this to your Service Providers: 'Rtablada\StripeForms\StripeFormsServiceProvider',

In your App config add this to your Facades: 'ConnectButton' => 'Rtablada\StripeForms\StripeConnectButtonFacade',

Stripe Connect Button

Instead of worrying about the ugly syntax of creating an anchor tag with a long query string to build your Stripe Connect buttons, you can just use this builder.


Or for rapid prototyping, you can use ConnectButton::buttonWithStyle() to dump the required style in-line

Alternate configuration

In combination with some of the other Stripe packages I am working with, I have made it so that a stripe.php config file can be shared with the other packages. Currently all that is needed is a 'clientId' property in the array.