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Laravel 4 Basic Comments

This package allows you to add comments to any of your models quickly and easily.


Add rtablada/l4-comment-all-things in your composer.json file. Then add Rtablada\CommentAllThings\CommentAllThingsServiceProvider to your providers array, and add 'Comments' => 'Rtablada\CommentAllThings\Facades\Comments' to your aliases array in app/config/app.php.

Adding Comments to Your Models

Any model can have comments by adding one simple line of code in the model body:

use Rtablada\CommentAllThings\Commentable;

This trait defines the comments relation and sets everything up for your parent model.

Creating a Comment

Comments are just like any related model. Each comment has 3 properties display_name, email, and contents. To add them to your model requires a few lines of code:

$comment = new Rtablada\CommentAllThings\Comment(array(
	'email' => 'joe@example.com',
	'display_name' => 'Joe',
	'contents' => 'This is my comment',
$post = Post::find(1);

Displaying Comments

While you could use regular Laravel to display your comments, this package gives you a simple way of displaying your comment stream and a comment form for your model with just one line of code.