A slim Google Geocoder for PHP and Laravel

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This is a simple geocode provider for PHP. By default, it uses google's geocode API but any compatible API will work.


This package can be installed using composer using composer require rtablada/geocoder.

For Laravel 4, this package and its Service Provider can be installed using php artisan package:install rtablada/geocoder.

On both, specify dev-master as the version constraint.


To use this package outside of Laravel you can use

require 'vendor/autoload.php';

$geocoder = new Rtablada\Geocoder\Geocoder;


The geocoder provides the following functions

Function Arguments Description
getLocationFromQuery string Query Returns a Location Object from the google geocode API
getCoordinatesFromQuery string Query Returns a Coordinates Object from the google geocode API
getSearchSquare Coordinate center, number radius Returns an array with the corners of a sqare around the centerpoint with a radius in miles

Other Provided Classes

The Geocoder Package also provides two helper classes (Location and Coordinate).

The Coordinate is a simple object with lat and lng properties.

The Location object has address and coordinates properties. The coordinates is an instance of the Coordinate class.

The Location class also provides a newInstanceFromObject method to parse Google Geocode Result objects into Location objects.