A Rankable Eloquent Model Package

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This package makes rankable models for sorting quick and easy.

Setting up a Rankable Model

Making Rankable Models is just as easy as creating regular Eloquent Models with just one more property protected $metricsWeight!

An example model would look something like this:

use Rtablada\EloquentRankable\RankableModel;

class Friend extends RankableModel
	protected $metricWeights = array(
		'search' => 0.8,
		'name' => 0.2

	protected $fillable = array('name', 'rank');

In your Schema remember to include a rank column (I suggest using a Decimal fieldtype with a 10 digits and 4 decimals).

The $metricWeight Property

The $metricWeight property is an easy way to modify the ranking property of your models. You can set weights for whenever you use an updateMetric* function.

So if you want to update a model's rank when you get a result in a search you could run $model->updateMetricSearch() which will raise the ranking by 0.8 points.

These updateMetric functions can also be used in mutators or accessors.

public function setNameAttribute($value)
	$this->attributes['name'] = $value;

Rank Queries

Any time you want to get results already sorted descending by rank you can just prepend your wanted query builder function with rank. For example:

$friends = Friend::rankAll();
$friendsPaginated = Friend::rankPaginate();

Updating Rank In Comparison To Other Entries

The model also gives you the ability to rankBefore, rankBetween, or rankAfter another model instance.

$friendLow = Friend::find(1);
$friendHigh = Friend::find(1);


Updating All Entries With Sorted ids

For uses such as Javascript Web Apps, Rankable gives you a quick and easy way to update the rankings between entries.

$desiredIds = array(1,2,3);
$friends = Friend::rankOrderSet($desiredIds);