Provides club specific adaptation of Contao member management.

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1.4.2 2017-09-25 19:06 UTC

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Contao Extension: RscClubMemberFields

Provides club specific adaptation of Contao member management:

  • Extension of tl_member for additional club fields
  • Automatic generation of the next free member number
  • Set default values for new members
  • Adjustment of filter, search and sorting


Install the extension via composer: rsclg/club-member-fields.

If you prefer to install it manually, download the latest release here:

Database modification

Execute the following database script to define some views:

-- add view that are expected from contao
CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW v_tl_member AS SELECT tl_member.*, CONCAT(tl_member.firstname, ' ', tl_member.lastname) as name, (SELECT GROUP_CONCAT( ORDER BY SEPARATOR ', ') FROM tl_member_group mg JOIN tl_member_to_group m2g ON = m2g.group_id WHERE m2g.member_id = as member_groups FROM tl_member;
CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW rcb2cto_contactgroups (id, name, tstamp) AS SELECT contactgroup_id, name, changed FROM rcb_contactgroups;
CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW rcb2cto_contacts (id, tstamp, name, firstname, lastname, email, member_number, user_id) AS SELECT contact_id, changed, name, firstname, surname, email, rsc_member_number, user_id FROM rcb_contacts WHERE del = 0;
CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW rcb2cto_users (id, name, tstamp) AS SELECT user_id, username, created FROM rcb_users;



  • min. Contao version: >= 3.2.0
  • max. Contao version: < 3.6.0


There are no dependencies to other extensions, that have to be installed.