Adds a Laravel specific wrapper for the Hubspot client package

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This is a wrapper for the Hubspot/hubspot-api-php package and gives the user a Service Container binding and facade of the HubSpot\Discovery\Discovery class.


  1. composer require rossjcooper/laravel-hubspot
  2. Get a HubSpot API Key from the Intergrations page of your HubSpot account.
  3. Laravel 5.4 or earlier, in your config/app.php file:
    • Add Rossjcooper\LaravelHubSpot\HubSpotServiceProvider::class to your providers array.
    • Add 'HubSpot' => Rossjcooper\LaravelHubSpot\Facades\HubSpot::class to your aliases array.
  4. php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Rossjcooper\LaravelHubSpot\HubSpotServiceProvider" --tag="config" will create a config/hubspot.php file.
  5. Add your HubSpot API key and private app access token into the .env file: HUBSPOT_ACCESS_TOKEN=yourApiKey
  6. If you use the private app access token, you should alo add HUBSPOT_USE_OAUTH2=true to your .env file


You can use either the facade or inject the HubSpot class as a dependency:


// Echo all contacts first and last names
$response = HubSpot::crm()->contacts()->basicApi()->getPage();
    foreach ($response->getResults() as $contact) {
        echo sprintf(
            "Contact name is %s %s." . PHP_EOL,
Route::get('/', function (HubSpot\Discovery\Discovery $hubspot) {
    $response = $hubspot->crm()->contacts()->basicApi()->getPage();
    foreach ($response->getResults() as $contact) {
        echo sprintf(
            "Contact name is %s %s." . PHP_EOL,
// Create a new contact
$contactInput = new \HubSpot\Client\Crm\Contacts\Model\SimplePublicObjectInputForCreate();
    'email' => ''

$contact = $hubspot->crm()->contacts()->basicApi()->create($contactInput);

For more info on using the actual API see the main repo Hubspot/hubspot-api-php


We're using the brilliant Orchestra Testbench to run unit tests in a Laravel based environment. If you wish to run tests be sure to have a HubSpot API key inside your .env file and run composer run test

Current unit test access the HubSpot API and expect to see the demo contacts/leads that HubSpot provides to its developer accounts.


Please only report issues relating to the Laravel side of things here, main API issues should be reported here