Themeroller to LESS settings convertor

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This addon helps you convert jQuery UI Themeroller settings into a LESS compatible include file.

We hope that Themeroller will start using LESS in the future, but for now it simply generates a CSS file. When we want to add additional styles in CSS, we often need to rely on same colors as defined in themeroller. Currently we must manually find and copy-paste colors.

By using this simple convertor, it's possible to easily convert URL into LESS include file and then re-use in your custom LESS framework.

How to use in Agile Toolkit

  1. Follow instructions on

  2. Route page to add-on by adding into your Application class (Frontend.php)

  3. Open page themeroller on your site.

See also

For an example of a current Agile Toolkit jQuery UI theme settings, see


This add-on is distributed under AGPL and MIT licenses, use it for free without limitations.