Markdown CMS for Agile Toolkit

1.1.4 2016-07-13 11:33 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-06-14 09:22:57 UTC


This is a plugin for Agile Toolkit, which will greatly help you to display Markdown content on your pages. To use it, add this to your Frontend.php / init():


then create "content" folder inside your interface folder

  + page
  + lib
  + public
  + content

Create content/ then open frontend/public/hello in your browser and you should see your markdown there displayed in real-time.

Features and Components

This plugin can be integrated in various ways. The integration above is a full integration, but you can also use individual components.

  • Application Controller - Full-featured integration, one-line use.
  • romaninsh/mdcms/Page - Extension to page capable of mixing regular templates with Markdown.
  • {markdown} .. {/} - Allows you to embed markdown inside regular ATK template
  • {markdown_include}disclaimer{} - Include markdown file. I recommend to start includes with underscore, this way they can't be accessed directly.

Mapping images and URLs

To link to a ATK page using url() wrapper, use {page}my-page{/} inside your Markdown. This will be replaced automatically with a proper URL.

To include a link to a public image use ![image], the URL will be converted using locateURL('public', $url) automatically. I recommend that you place your images inside content/images and symlink it into public/images. Using image will properly work inside your text editor and on your site.


This add-on has a support for Models. This enables use of transparent caching and / or storing templates in a dedicated storage. For example to store templates in memcache, the following can be used:



The .md files are stored inside 'content' folder by default, but you can add more through adding more extensions through pathfinder. The resource type is content.