CLI to use the Rokka service, using PHP

1.8.0 2018-12-13 11:24 UTC


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A stand-alone console client for Rokka, build with Symfony components.


Available commands:

  • image:copy: Copy the given image to another organization

  • image:copy-all: Copies all existing image between organizations

  • image:delete: Delete an image from a Rokka organization by its hash

  • image:delete-all: Delete all images from a Rokka organization

  • image:download: Download a source image from Rokka, given its hash

  • image:info: Given an image hash, output its details (name, filesize, metadatas)

  • image:list: List all uploaded images (includes offset, limit, sort and image-search options)

  • image:render: Render and download an image from Rokka given its hash

  • image:restore: Restore the given image.

  • image:set-subjectarea: Updates/adds the SubjectArea metadata to a given image

  • image:upload: Upload a given image file to

  • stack:create: Create a stack

  • stack:clone: Copies a given ImageStack to another name (or to a different organization)

  • stack:clone-all: Clones all ImageStack to another organization

  • stack:list: List all available ImageStacks

  • stack:info: Given a Stack name, output its details (name, operations, options)

  • stack:delete: Removes an ImageStack

  • organization:create: Creates a new organization

  • organization:info: Prints the details of a given organization

  • organization:membership:add: Adds a membership given a user email and role

  • organization:membership:info: Prints the details of a given membership (by user email and organization)

  • user:create: Creates and register a new User on

Default settings are loaded from a rokka.yml file, if it exists, from the current location. Create a file with the following contents, and run bin/rokka-cli.

    api_key: your-api-key
    organization: organization-name

The commands organization:create and user:create have a --save-as-default option to create and save the new values to the rokka.yml defaults file.

Installation: Composer

  • composer require rokka/client-cli
  • run the CLI from vendor/bin/rokka-cli

Installation: GIT

  • git clone
  • cd rokka-client-php-cli && composer install
  • run the CLI from bin/rokka-cli

Building rokka-cli.phar

Rokka-CLI uses Box to build executable Phars.

  • Checkout the GIT repository
  • globally install the box2 tool
  • run compsoser install --no-dev (install only the required libraries, excluding any development dependencies)
  • run box build in the project root to build rokka-cli.phar.

Running PHP-CS-Fixer

curl > /tmp/php-cs-fixer.phar
php /tmp/php-cs-fixer.phar  fix -v --diff --using-cache=yes src/