CLI to use the Rokka service, using PHP

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A stand-alone console client for, built with Symfony components.

Download: .phar

The cli is provided as a stand alone tool. Download the .phar from our releases page and put it into e.g. /usr/local/bin/rokka-cli.

Installation: Composer

Note: If you are using Symfony, use the RokkaClientBundle which provides these commands in a Symfony application.

  • composer require rokka/client-cli
  • run the CLI from vendor/bin/rokka-cli


Available commands:

  • image:copy: Copy the given image to another organization

  • image:copy-all: Copies all existing image between organizations

  • image:delete: Delete an image from a Rokka organization by its hash

  • image:delete-all: Delete all images from a Rokka organization

  • image:delete-subjectarea: Remove the subject area metadata from an image

  • image:download: Download a source image from Rokka, given its hash

  • image:info: Given an image hash, output its details (name, filesize, metadatas)

  • image:list: List all uploaded images (includes offset, limit, sort and image-search options)

  • image:render: Render an image with a specified stack

  • image:restore: Restore the given image

  • image:set-subjectarea: Set the SubjectArea metadata to a given image

  • image:upload: Upload a given image file to

  • stack:create: Create a stack

  • stack:clone: Copies a given ImageStack to another name (or to a different organization)

  • stack:clone-all: Clones all ImageStack to another organization

  • stack:list: List all available ImageStacks

  • stack:info: Given a Stack name, output its details (name, operations, options)

  • stack:delete: Removes an ImageStack

  • organization:create: Creates a new organization

  • organization:info: Prints the details of a given organization

  • organization:membership:add: Adds a membership given a user email and role

  • organization:membership:info: Prints the details of a given membership (by user email and organization)

  • user:create: Creates and register a new User on


Without configuration, the command will only list the operations that are possible when not logged in. Use the organization:create and user:create commands with the --save-as-default option to initialize the configuration with your user. You can then copy the rokka.yml file to .rokka.yml in your home directory.

If you have an existing account, create the file .rokka.yml with the following content in your home directory:

    api_key: your-api-key
    organization: organization-name

rokka-cli looks for rokka.yml in the current working directory or .rokka.yml in your home directory.


Building rokka-cli.phar

Rokka-CLI uses Box to build executable Phars.

  • Checkout the GIT repository
  • Run make dist
  • The .phar should be at dist/rokka-cli.phar

Running PHP-CS-Fixer

curl > /tmp/php-cs-fixer.phar
php /tmp/php-cs-fixer.phar  fix -v --diff --using-cache=yes src/