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Rocketgate Gateway PHP SDK

This library is compatible with PHP 5.6, although we highly recommend to migrate your project to PHP 7.2 or greater, to avoid security breaches (refer to PHP Supported Versions here).

This library supports Composer and Namespaces and thus is NOT backwards compatible with our old (legacy) PHP sdks: https://github.com/rocketgate/rocketgate-php-legacy-sdk

Installation using composer

Install with composer (available on packagist.org):

composer require --update-no-dev rocketgate/sdk

Installation without composer

Create a vendor folder (or use your project's external dependencies folder):

mkdir -p vendor/rocketgate

Clone into that folder

git clone https://github.com/rocketgate/rocketgate-php-sdk.git vendor/rocketgate

Add classes to your project autoloader or manually (as shown below).


require "vendor/rocketgate/src/GatewayChecksum.php";
require "vendor/rocketgate/src/GatewayCodes.php";
require "vendor/rocketgate/src/GatewayParameterList.php";
require "vendor/rocketgate/src/GatewayRequest.php";
require "vendor/rocketgate/src/GatewayResponse.php";
require "vendor/rocketgate/src/GatewayService.php";

use RocketGate\Sdk\GatewayRequest;
use RocketGate\Sdk\GatewayResponse;
use RocketGate\Sdk\GatewayService;

$request  = new GatewayRequest();
$response = new GatewayResponse();
$service  = new GatewayService();

$request->Set(GatewayRequest::MERCHANT_ID(), "1");
$request->Set(GatewayRequest::MERCHANT_PASSWORD(), "testpassword");

// [...]


Integration examples with Rocketgate Gateway are placed under /tests folder.

Run full test suite (without RG docker container)

$ sh vendor/rocketgate/sdk/startup.sh

Run full test suite (with RG docker container)

We recommend using both Docker and Docker Compose in order to run full test suite.

  1. Start docker container.
$ docker-compose up -d

The command above might take longer at first execution because all PHP Docker container dependencies will be downloaded and installed.

  1. Run startup.sh script.
docker exec -it $(docker-compose ps -q --filter name=cli_php) bash startup.sh

Important notes

  • To run tests PHP >=7.0 is required.
  • Startup script startup.sh installs composer PHP dependencies and run complete test suite.
  • Output should look like this:
    Do not run Composer as root/super user! See https://getcomposer.org/root for details
    Loading composer repositories with package information
    Installing dependencies (including require-dev) from lock file
    Nothing to install or update
    Generating autoload files
    PHPUnit 6.5.14 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.
    Runtime:       PHP 7.2.14 with Xdebug 2.6.1
    Configuration: /var/client/phpunit.xml
    ..........................                                        26 / 26 (100%)
    Time: 14.12 seconds, Memory: 6.00MB
    OK (26 tests, 46 assertions)
  • Successful test represent a dot (".").
  • Failed test prints Rocketgate request data along with "F" character. Example:
// GUID: 100016C8BAE1717
// Response Code: 0
// Reason Code: 0
// Exception: 
// Auth No: 247218
// AVS: 
// Cancel Date: 
// Card Hash: m77xlHZiPKVsF9p1/VdzTb+CUwaGBDpuSRxtcb7+j24=
// CVV2: 
// Rebill Date: 
  • Any non-compliant Rocketgate modification made on source code SDK will make ::testComplianceModifications fail, as shown below:
1) RocketGate\Sdk\Tests\GatewayChecksumTest::testComplianceModifications
Modified version. Current checksum 0646c7f28688c3f2ad0c37499e7113d6 does not match base 4b086e326a9d6cb310079994896792c1.
Failed asserting that 'P7.1m' does not contain "m".