A addon that adds some simple features to SilverStripe

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v1.0.3 2023-03-16 19:59 UTC


This module adds several features to silverstripe. Suggested and fully compatible with robertvanlienden/silverstripe-bulma-portfolio-theme.

But you can also use this module stand-alone!


  • SilverStripe 4


  • composer require robertvanlienden/silverstripe-addons
  • dev/build?flush=all

If you want some example how to implement features in your own template; View robertvanlienden/silverstripe-bulma-portfolio-theme.

All features

  • Upload logo for website header
  • Page header (you can disable this for the whole site in the Settings)
  • Footer text left/right
  • Portfolio overview and detail page
    • Slideshow images


This module is published under MIT License.

If you use this theme commercial and make money with this theme, please be kind and do a donation with PayPal (see Donations below).


Feel free to make some issue/PR if you find issues/bugs/improvements.

If you want to create some new feature or do big changes, please first provide an issue. T his to avoid that you put lots of work in some feature that will never gets merged.


Do you want to thank me for making this SilverStripe module?

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