A Silverstripe 4 module which integrates with Chec

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This module adds a [BuyNow][/BuyNow] shortcode to the Silverstripe CMS which can integrate with Chec Platform in order to display a "buy now" button for your Chec products, with an integrated checkout window.

This project is a fork of fspringveldt/silverstripe-checio-integration which should be used for SilverStripe 3.x projects.


  • PHP ^7.3
  • Silverstripe CMS ^4.5


composer require robbieaverill/silverstripe-chec

Loading the Chec JavaScript

This extension automatically tries to load the Chec JavaScript file, but for some reason should your active template block requirements, ChecExtension::getJavaScript() fetches and loads this JavaScript content inline for you.

Placing this before the closing body tag (e.g. $ChecJavaScript</body>) in either your app or themes/templates/ ensures that it always gets loaded.


The below short code should be placed in your the content section of your CMS page editor window:

[BuyNowButton,permalink="<your product permalink>"]<your button text>[/BuyNowButton]

Replace <your product permalink> with your Chec product permalink and <your button text> with the text you want displayed in your button/link. You may also add a class="..." attribute to the permalink to control the classes added to the button when it is rendered.


Robbie Averill


This module is licensed under the BSD-3-Clause license. The project is a fork of fspringveldt/silverstripe-checio-integration, and the original license has been retained in accordance.