Ready to use and highly opinionated php cs fixer config based on my and community standards

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Last update: 2024-05-29 04:08:59 UTC


Most of my projects use a very consistent set of coding standards rules and project hierarchy. Rather than copying the same PHP Coding Standards Fixer config file .php_cs file across different projects and then trying to figure out which project had the latest copy, I've created this composer package as a way to include the same set of rules into every project via composer.

These standards are based on the community's best practices and PSR standards in addition to what I personally consider to be good taste. You may freely use this configuration if you want, but do note that it may change and evolve as time passes since I reserve the right to change my mind.

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To add these rules into your project, you should first include them via composer as dev dependency using

$ composer require --dev riimu/php-cs-fixer-config

Then you should create a file named .php_cs in your project root directory that simply contains


return require __DIR__ . '/vendor/riimu/php-cs-fixer-config/config.php';

The rules from the config will now be applied to files inside src and tests directories (if they exist), when you run php-cs-fixer normally in the project root, e.g.

$ php-cs-fixer fix --dry-run -v --diff --diff-format=udiff


This package is Copyright (c) 2018 Riikka Kalliomäki.

See LICENSE for license and copying information.