Newsletter2Go OAuth 2.0 Client Provider for The PHP League OAuth2-Client

v2.0.1 2019-02-01 14:29 UTC

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Newsletter2Go Provider for OAuth 2.0 Client

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This package provides Newsletter2Go OAuth 2.0 support for the PHP League's OAuth 2.0 Client.


Via Composer

$ composer require richardhj/oauth2-newsletter2go


Use the auth key from your Newsletter2Go account to initiate the provider.

$provider = new Richardhj\Newsletter2Go\OAuth2\Client\Provider\Newsletter2Go([
    'authKey' => $authKey,

Then use your login credentials to fetch an AccessToken instance.

$accessToken = $provider->getAccessToken(
        'username' => $username,
        'password' => $password,

Refreshing a token

Initiate the provider as described before. Then:

$accessToken = $provider->getAccessToken(
        'refresh_token' => $accessToken->getRefreshToken()

It is recommended to save the refresh_token ($refreshToken = $accessToken->getRefreshToken()) in your application rather than the username and password. Nevertheless: Handle with care!

Visit the official API documentation for reference.


The GNU Lesser General Public License (LGPL).