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Quickly and easily modify change logs from a variety of sources.

Currently the package only supports the KeepAChangeLog format of change logs.

It is possible to read and write logs from/to:

  • File
  • Url (no support for output)
  • Native string
  • Flysystem
  • GitHub repo via GitHub API (currently not for output as I've yet to find a sensible way to do this)

Logs can be formatted into the KeepAChangeLog format, xml and json through the use of various render classes.

Quick Examples

Creating a log


// Create a new change log and set a title and description.
$log = new \ChangeLog\Log();
$log->setTitle('My Project Change Log');
$log->setDescription('This is my project\'s change log. Any crazy stuff that happens will appear here.');

// Create and add a new release.
$release1 = new \ChangeLog\Release('1.0.0');
$release1->addChange('Added', 'Awesome feature needed for release');

$release2 = new \ChangeLog\Release('0.3.0');
$release2->addChange('Added', 'Finally added a change log');
$release2->setChanges('Fixed', [
	'Bug 1',
	'Bug 2',
	'Bug 3',

Note releases are sorted in accordance to Semantic Versioning automatically with the latest release at the top. It is expected that all release names follow this and the only exception to this is unreleased which will always be at the top of the release list.

Parsing a log


$input = new \ChangeLog\IO\File([
	'file' => 'path/to/changelog.md'

$parser = new \ChangeLog\Parser\KeepAChangeLog();

$cl = new \ChangeLog\ChangeLog;

$log = $cl->parse();

// Instance of ChangeLog\Log

Writing a log


$output = new \ChangeLog\IO\File([
	'file' => 'path/to/changelog.md'

$renderer = new \ChangeLog\Renderer\KeepAChangeLog();

$cl = new \ChangeLog\ChangeLog;

$log = new Log;
// Build up the log file information here


Merging Logs

Logs can be merged together to create a single change log. This includes releases and their changes.

$log1 = new Log;
// Add some releases or something

$log2 = new Log;
// Add some releases to this too

// $log1 now contains all releases and changes from $log2

Depending on your use case it might be useful to create an empty log first and merge other logs into that.

Command line utility

Common actions can be performed from the command line using the ./vendor/bin/changelog command or via the changelog.phar at the releases page.

The command line utility expects a config file called changelog.config.php to exist in the working directory, or it can be specified with the global --config option. An example config file can be found in changelog.config.example.php

All commands use the same four options to read, parse, render and finally output a change log. These all default to the "default" entry in their respective config arrays.

      --input[=INPUT]        Config to use for input processor [default: "default"]
      --parser[=PARSER]      Config to use for parser processor [default: "default"]
      --renderer[=RENDERER]  Config to use for renderer processor [default: "default"]
      --output[=OUTPUT]      Config to use for output processor [default: "default"]

Eg: changelog.phar --renderer=json would use the json entry from the renderer entry of the config file to construct a ChangeLog\Renderer\Json object to use to create the end content.

The current commands are:

  • Add: Adds a change to a release
  • Convert: Converts a release between formats. Simply runs the read, parse, render, write sequence.
  • Release: Converts the "unreleased" release into a real release. Can take names such as major, minor, patch to automatically create release numbers.
  • Merge: Merge multiple changelog into one.

Check changelog.phar help for more information.


Current plans for development can be found in the repo's issue tracker. If you wish to request extra functionality then open an issue or pull request or give me a poke on twitter or anywhere else you can find me.

Feel free to report any issues on the issue tracker.


Emlyn West