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Enforce a password policy on your users.

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Password Policy plugin for Craft CMS 3

Enforce a password policy on your users. This plugin can also check the Have I been Pwned database to make sure users use a password that is secure.

Policy Errors: Screenshot

Password Strength Indicator Screenshot

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This plugin requires Craft CMS 3.0.0.


You can install this plugin through the plugin store.


You can configure this plugin by adding a config/password-policy.php file:


return [
    // Minimum password length
    "minLength" => 16,
    // Maximum password length
    "maxLength" => 160,
    // Force users to use different cases
    "cases" => false,
    // Require at least 1 number
    "numbers" => false,
    // Require at least one symbol
    "symbols" => false,
    // Check the Have I been Pwned database
    "checkPwned" => true,
    // Show a password strength indicator
    "showStrengthIndicator" => true,

Or through the plugin settings


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