Adds age-gate for verifying visitor's eligibility to view restricted content

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v1.2.10 2019-01-10 19:27 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-03-11 02:03:56 UTC


This module provides an age-gate function, with support for the IPStack API or GeoLite2 database. Please provide your own GeoLite2 database in the data folder.


composer require revstrat/silverstripe-agegate


Place <% include AgeGate %> just inside your opening <body> tag.

Normal template inheritance allows for customization of the age gate appearance.

Configure the desired GeoIP service by setting the following in your app's yml file:

  geoip_source: "RevStrat\\AgeGate\\IPStack"

Where RevStrat\\AgeGate\\IPStack is the namespaced class that will handle GeoIP lookups. To create your own, simply implement the GeoIPServiceInterface interface and update geoip_source to your fully namespaced class.

The IPStack interface makes use of two environment variables:

The IPSTACK_ENDPOINT key points to the endpoint URL and is parsed with sprintf. Update this to a compatible service (such as Nekudo) or change the protocol (paid accounts on IPStack can use https for lookups). The IPSTACK_ACCESS_KEY should be set to your access key.

Once everything is configured, be sure to run /dev/build?flush=all.

Configure age restriction by country under Settings > Age Gate Control.

Overiding the form

Implement these methods on your PageController. These methods are an example of how one might use two buttons on the age gate.

public function updateGetShowAgeGate(&$ageGateActive, &$sufficientAge) {

    public function updateAgeGateForm(&$fields, &$actions, $minimumAge) {
    	$actions = new FieldList(
    		FormAction::create('passAgeGate')->setTitle("Yes I'm over $minimumAge"),
    		FormAction::create('failAgeGate')->setTitle("I'm not $minimumAge yet")

    public function passAgeGate($data, Form $form) {
    	$data['OfAge'] = true;
    	return $this->doAgeGate($data, $form);

    public function failAgeGate($data, Form $form) {
    	$data["OfAge"] = false;
    	return $this->doAgeGate($data, $form);