Library for parsing and writing INI files

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Library for parsing and writing ini files.

Features provided over native PHP ini parser:

  • Throws exceptions instead of PHP errors.
  • Better type support.
  • Section inheritance.

NOTE: This parser does not allow orphan items (items defined outside a section).


Install the latest version with

$ composer require retrinko/ini

Basic usage

Reading ini contents:

NOTICE!!: Attention to .local.ini files. If you try to load a file named [whateverYouWants].ini and [whateverYouWants].local.ini file exists in the same path, the contents of the two files will be merged. If the same key is defined in both files, the one defined in [whateverYouWants].local.ini will override the value defined in [whateverYouWants].ini.

Ini file contents (sample.ini):

key1 = default value1
key2 = default value2

; A section inherits default section
[A : default]
key1 = A value1 ; overrides default section key1 item
key3 = A value3 ; add new item

; B section inherits A section
[B : A]
key1 = B value1 ; overrides A section key1 item
key3 = B value3 ; overrides A section key3 item
; Simple array
A[] = a
A[] = b
; Assoc. array
B[one] = 1
B[two] = 2
; Bool values
boolTrue = true
boolFalse = false
boolYes = yes
boolNo = no
boolOn = on
boolOff = off
boolNone = none
intVal = 3
floatVal = 5.7

PHP sample code for reading ini file (sample.ini):

use Retrinko\Ini\IniFile;

    // Load ini file
    $iniFile = IniFile::load((__DIR__ . '/sample.ini'));

    // Read "key1" value from "default" section
    $key1 = $iniFile->get('default', 'key1');
    // Read "key1" value from "A" section
    $key1 = $iniFile->get('A', 'key1');
    // Read "key1" value from "B" section
    $key1 = $iniFile->get('B', 'key1');
    // Read "boolYes" value from "B" section
    $boolYes = $iniFile->get('B', 'boolYes');
    // Get ini file contents as array
    $array = $iniFile->toArray();
catch (\Exception $e)
    printf('Exception! %s'.PHP_EOL, $e->getMessage());

Writing ini contents:

PHP sample code for writing ini file:

use Retrinko\Ini\IniFile;
use Retrinko\Ini\IniSection;

    // Create new IniFile instance
    $iniFile = new IniFile();

    // Create section "base"
    $section = new IniSection('base');
    // Add items to section "base"
    $section->set('hello', 'world');
    $section->set('colors', ['red', 'green']);
    $section->set('rgb', ['red'=>'AA0000', 'green'=>'00AA00']);
    $section->set('width', 25);
    $section->set('height', 50.33);
    $section->set('bool', true);
    $section->set('nullValue', null);
    // Add section "base" to ini file

    // Add child section "child"
    $childSection = new IniSection('child', $section);
    // Add items to section "child"
    $childSection->set('height', 20);
    $childSection->set('width', 20);
    // Add section "child" to ini file

    // Add item values to sections
    $iniFile->set('base', 'new-item', 'value');
    $iniFile->set('child', 'last-item', 'last');

    // Save to file

catch (\Exception $e)
    printf('Exception! %s'.PHP_EOL, $e->getMessage());