Simple none-I/O cache for eloquent model configs, like mutators and accessors.

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Simple none-I/O cache for eloquent model accessor and mutators.

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composer require "reshadman/eloquent-faster"


First you need to add the following service provider to your application

return [
     //.. other config

     'providers' => [
        // other providers


Then run the following artisan command

php artisan eloquent:cache

For clearing cache

php artisan eloquent:clear

If you use OPCACHE in your PHP installation, this class will not use I/O for each script run, as opcache loads code into memory.


Simply the problem begins from this issuge.

Currently the eloquent model class contains a cache strategy for getters which first fetches all class methods and runs a loop on them filtering them by a regular expression. This occurs only once per unique eloquent final object. The getter cache container is only filled up with the processed snake case attribute key.

Each time a new model class is created for first time a loop with 50 to 100 iterations with processing a regular expression is run.

Wouldn't it be cool to have something like php artisan eloquent:cache for this ?

Running unit tests

Clone the repo

git clone

Then run composer update

Now you can run phpunit in the repo folder.