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Laravel SNS Events

Laravel SNS Events allow you to listen to SNS webhooks via Laravel Events. It implements a controller that is made to properly listen to SNS HTTP(s) webhooks and trigger events on which you can listen to in Laravel.

If you are not familiar with Laravel Events & Listeners, make sure you check the documentation section on because this package will need you to understand this concept.


$ composer require rennokki/laravel-sns-events


The package comes with two event classes:

  • Rennokki\LaravelSnsEvents\Events\SnsEvent - triggered on each SNS message
  • Rennokki\LaravelSnsEvents\Events\SnsSubscriptionConfirmation - triggered when the subscription is confirmed

This package comes with a controller that will handle the response for you. Register the route in your web.php:


// you can choose any route
Route::any('/aws/sns', 'Rennokki\LaravelSnsEvents\Http\Controllers\SnsController@handle');

SNS sends data through POST, so you will need to whitelist your route in your VerifyCsrfToken.php:

protected $except = [

You will need an AWS account and register a SNS Topic and set up a subscription for HTTP(s) protocol that will point out to the route you just registered.

If you have registered the route and created a SNS Topic, you should register the URL and click the confirmation button from the AWS Dashboard. In a short while, if you implemented the route well, you'll be seeing that your endpoint is registered.

To process the events, you should add the events in your app/Providers/EventServiceProvider.php:

use Rennokki\LaravelSnsEvents\Events\SnsEvent;
use Rennokki\LaravelSnsEvents\Events\SnsSubscriptionConfirmation;


protected $listen = [
    SnsEvent::class => [
        // add your listeners here for SNS events
    SnsSubscriptionConfirmation::class => [
        // add your listeners here in case you want to listen to subscription confirmation

You will be able to access the SNS message from your listeners like this:

class MyListener

    public function handle($event)
        // $event->message is an array

For example, synthetizing an AWS Polly Text-To-Speech would return in $event->message an array like this:

    'taskId' => '...',
    'taskStatus' => 'FAILED',
    'taskStatusReason' => 'Error occurred while trying to upload file to S3. Please verify that the bucket existsin this region and you have permission to write objects to the specified bucket.',
    'outputUri' => 's3://...',
    'creationTime' => '2019-05-29T15:27:31.231Z',
    'requestCharacters' => 58,
    'snsTopicArn' => '...',
    'outputFormat' => 'Mp3',
    'sampleRate' => '22050',
    'speechMarkTypes' => [],
    'textType' => 'Text',
    'voiceId' => 'Joanna',


Run the tests with:



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