Eloquent Settings allows you to bind key-value pairs to any Laravel Eloquent model. It supports even casting for boolean, float or integer types.

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Eloquent Settings allows you to bind key-value pairs to any Laravel Eloquent model.

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🚀 Installation

Install the package:

$ composer require rennokki/eloquent-settings

Publish the config:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Rennokki\Settings\SettingsServiceProvider" --tag="config"

Publish the migrations:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Rennokki\Settings\SettingsServiceProvider" --tag="migrations"

🙌 Usage

You can add the HasSettings trait to any Eloquent model:

use Rennokki\Settings\Traits\HasSettings;

class User extends Model {
    use HasSettings;

Adding settings

$user->newSetting('', 1);
$user->newSetting('', true);

By default, settings' values are stored as string. Later, if you try to get them with cast, they will return the value you have initially stored. If you store 'true' as a string, if you cast it to a boolean, you'll get true.

If you plan to store it with cast type other than string, you can pass an additional third parameter that can be either string, boolean, bool, int, integer, float or double.

$user->newSetting('', true, 'bool');

Updating settings

Updating settings can be either to values, cast types or both, depending on what has changed.

$user->updateSetting('', false, 'bool');

If you don't specify a cast parameter, it will not change, only the value will change, or viceversa.

Getting settings & values

You can get the Setting instance, not the value using getSetting():

$user->getSetting(''); // does not accept a cast

If you plan to get the value, you can use getSettingValue():

$user->getSettingValue(''); // true, as boolean
$user->getSettingValue('', 'int'); // 1, as integer

Remember, when you update or create a new setting, the cast type is stored. By default, next time you don't have to call the cast parameter again because it will cast it the way it was specified on storing.

$user->newSetting('', true, 'bool');
$user->getSettingValue(''); // it returns true as boolean

Getting values of not-known settings keys, you will return null.

$user->getSettingValue(''); // null

Deleting a setting

Deleting settings from the database can be done using deleteSetting().


To delete all settings, call deleteSettings().


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🤝 Contributing

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🔒 Security

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