Statistics that help you improve application performance

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Statistics that help you improve application performance.

Telltale analyses current execution and provides information about potential bottlenecks in your application. Analyzes are executed by agents. Output reports are automatically sent to console of your browser. Available agents:

  • Memory Peak;
  • Critical Path;
  • Slowest Calls;
  • Memory Usage Calls.



use Telltale\Telltale;
use Telltale\Agent\MemoryPeakAgent;
use Telltale\Agent\CriticalPathAgent;
use Telltale\Agent\SlowestCallsAgent;
use Telltale\Agent\MemoryUsageCallsAgent;

// create an analyser
$telltale = new Telltale();
$telltale->pushAgent(new MemoryPeakAgent());
$telltale->pushAgent(new CriticalPathAgent());
$telltale->pushAgent(new SlowestCallsAgent());
$telltale->pushAgent(new MemoryUsageCallsAgent());

// start watching

Then your browser displays informations like this...

Firebug Sample

Analysing a code snippet...

// ignored
// analysed
// ignored


Add renanbr/telltale dependency using Composer.

php composer.phar require renanbr/telltale:~1

Or change composer.json file...

    "require": {
        "renanbr/telltale": "~1"

For Composer documentation, please refer to

Environment Requirements


This library is inspired by Derick Rethans' tracefile analyser script and ZendServer Code Tracing.