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It is an open source module to integrate a login-registration part in your projects. It is completely integrated through ajax and js so you do not need to reload page whenever it sends a request, everything is done for you.

How to Setup

Setting up on your local machine is really easy. Follow this guide to setup your development machine.

Requirements :

  1. PHP > 5.6
  2. MySQL
  3. Composer or npm or git

Installation :

  1. Get the source code on your machine via git.

    git clone


        "require" : {
        "registration-module/module" : "dev-master"


        npm install registration-module
  2. Rename config\database.example.php to config\database.php and Change credential in config\database.php

  3. Create an empty sql database and run import database.

    create database [database name];
    mysql -u[user] -p [password] [database name] < path\sql\registration-module.sql
  4. Open a new terminal window and type

    php -S localhost:8080

That's it, Now start development at http://localhost:8080 in your browser

Contribution guidelines

If you are interested in contributing to OpenChat, Open Issues and send PR.

Feel free to code and contribute

Made By - Ankit Jain