A smart PHP web scraper.

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Smart Scraper is a PHP scraper to scrape information from web pages. It can help you doing that horrible task in a very easy and smart way.


Smart Scrapper needs PHP 5.6.0+ and you can use it via Composer:

composer require refactores/smart-scraper


Create a Smart Scraper instance:

$scraper = new SmartScraper\Parser($theUrlYouWantToScrape);

Then, if you want to save the text of some selector, you should use:

$scraper->saveText($name, $expression, [$attribute = null]);

The value is saved on $scraper->{$name}. Example:

$scraper->saveText( 'nick', '.header h1' );
echo $scraper->nick;

If you just want to receive the HTML you must use:

$scraper->saveHtml($name, $expression, [$index = 0]);

The $index referes to the position of the element in the page in the case of having more than one.