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Dummy mail recipient and client using mail() function in php

dev-master 2019-03-14 00:45 UTC

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Last update: 2020-10-20 12:30:58 UTC



  • PHP5.6+ - It is PHP5.6 and PHP7 compatible: We use the Class::class which is only present in versions from PHP5.6 on
  • Composer
  • [path_to_phpdummymail]/mails/ and [path_to_phpdummymail]/logs/ folders should be writable for the web service user (www-data on debian, apache on rhel/centos based)

Installation is simple:

  • Clone or install (choose your path):
    • Git clone into a folder
      • Run 'composer install' (DO NOT run 'composer update'!)
    • Composer: "composer create-project -s dev reestyle/phpdummymail phpdummymail"
  • Edit your php.ini (both CGI and CLI!) and edit the following line:
    • sendmail_path = [path_to_phpdummymail]/receiver.php
  • Restart web service if necessary (e.g. apache fpm need to)
  • Run: php tester.php
  • Create an alias to the [path_to_phpdummymail]/htdocs/ in your apache config (or whatever flavor webservice you're using) and set index.php as primary file to invoke
  • Edit htdocs/config/config.php and replace '/phpdummymail' with the alias you used. You may alter the other configuration items at your own risk.


  • Within your browser go to the alias you just created
  • It should already work
  • Hit the refresh button to update mails

Done, it should already be running. The interface should be pretty self-explanatory.


Use and distribution of this software requires you to abide these simple rules:

This software 'FREE' and I want it to stay 'FREE': Free of use and distribution.

You are not granted to:

  • the privilege to charge others for the use this software, other than for support or initial installation. A man (or woman) has to make a living.

You are granted to:

  • the freedom to use this and/or its components in whatever product you wish create; I also grant you the freedom to take this software, change it into anything you like; As long as you do NOT charge any entity, whether a business or real person, for the use of this software.
  • the freedom to request or demand a fee for the part that you created yourself - whether 'you' are an entity such as a company or a real person.

You must:

  • Always include the full bundle, leave no part out

You cannot:

  • hold me responsible for any damage, monetary or otherwise, when something goes wrong while you, in any way, use this software.

Important: The application uses Composer, jQuery, Bootstrap, FontAwesome and BootBox. These packages have their own license form. Please abide by them!

Other info

If you wish to:

  • participate in the project, feel free to do so by forking.
  • donate to the project, you can transfer the funds to my PayPal account.

Important notice Remember that this software is primarily aimed at development enthusiasts that need a simple mail catching tool to see what their application produces after it's sent, given that your application is able to use the internal mail() function.




Have fun!