A Zipkin bridge with OpenTracing

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Zipkin implementation for OpenTracingTracer in PHP.

This library allows OpenTracing API consumers to use Zipkin as their tracing backend. For details on how to work with spans and traces we suggest looking at the documentation and README from the OpenTracing API.

Getting started

Required Reading

In order to understand OpenTracing API, one must first be familiar with the OpenTracing project and terminology more generally.

To understand how Zipkin works, you can look at Zipkin Architecture and Zipkin PHP documentation.


composer require jcchavezs/zipkin-opentracing


Firstly, we need to setup a tracer:

use OpenTracing\GlobalTracer;
use Psr\Log\NullLogger;
use Zipkin\Endpoint;
use Zipkin\Samplers\BinarySampler;
use Zipkin\TracingBuilder;
use Zipkin\Reporters\Http;

$endpoint = Endpoint::create('my_service', '', null, 8081);
$reporter = new Zipkin\Reporters\Http();
$sampler = BinarySampler::createAsAlwaysSample();
$tracing = TracingBuilder::create()

$zipkinTracer = new ZipkinOpenTracing\Tracer($tracing);

GlobalTracer::set($zipkinTracer); // optional

Creating Spans

Propagation of context

Flushing Spans to the agent

PHP as a request scoped language has no simple means to pass the collected spans data to a background process without blocking the main request thread/process. It is mandatory to execute the Tracer::flush() after the response is served to the client by using register_shutdown_function.

use OpenTracing\GlobalTracer;


register_shutdown_function(function() {


Run tests

composer test

Fix lint

composer fix-lint