A laravel package for pdf generation.

1.0.0 2020-04-30 12:20 UTC


A laravel package for pdf generation

Require this package in your composer.json and update composer. This will download the package and the folowing libraries also:

  • mpdf/mpdf
  • erusev/parsedown
  • dompdf/dompdf
$ composer require razvan171514/pdf-gen


Laravel 7.x

In the config/app.php file an alias can be added for ease of use when importing the facade.

'aliases' => [
    'Pdf' => razvan\PdfGen\Pdf::class,

Publishing configuration

The defaults configuration settings are set in config/pdf.php . Copy this file to your own config directory to modify the values. You can publish the config using this command:

$ php artisan vendor:publish --provider="razvan\PdfGen\PdfServiceProvider"

The configuration file contains the options for the setting of this package such as driver configuration and configuration for specific drivers (ex. dompdf).

return [
    /** mpdf , dompdf*/
    'driver' => 'dompdf',
    'dompdf_config' => [
        'page' => 'A4',
        /** landscape, portrait */
        'orientation' => 'portrait',
    /** path to template directoy */
    'templates_path' => __DIR__ . '/../resources/views/',
    /** path to output directory */
    'output_path' => __DIR__ . '/../resources/views/pdfs/',

Here is allso configured the path to the templates directory and the path where the generated pdfs will be stored. Insted of the default hardcoded path the base_path helper can be used

'templates_path' => base_path('resources/views'),
'output_path' => base_path('resources/views/pdfs'),

Note: The output folder has to exist otherwose an exception will be thrown


The havy lifting of the entire package is done by the razvan\PdfGen\Pdf::class witch is resolving the configuration in the config/pdf.php file and returns the desired pdf file.

Pdf::generate('file_name.html', [
    'name' => 'oputput_file_name.pdf',
    'mode' => 'F',

The razvan\PdfGen\Pdf::generate() method accepts tow arguments:

  1. The template file (the supported types are html, markdown, view).
  2. An array with tow elements: name and mode. The name key holds the output file name and the mode key holds the action that will be performed.

Note: The second argument is optional and if it's not present the name key will default to file.pdf and the mode key to F


  • F for saving the pdf file in the project folder at the specified path in the configuration.
  • D for downloading the pdf file.

Note: For the dompdf driver only the D mode is not available


use razvan\PdfGen\Pdf;
// html template
Pdf::generate('file_name.html', ['name' => 'some_other_name.pdf']);
// markdown template
Pdf::generate('file_name.md', ['mode' => 'D']);
// view
// view with data
Pdf::generate(view('blade_view', compact('data')), [
    'name' => 'cool_name.pdf',
    'mode' => 'D',

Note: The import statement can be changed with only use Pdf; if the alias is added to config/app.php file

Note: The second argument accepted by the generate method can be passed with only one of the two keys (the other one will defaulted with it's default value)


razvan171514/pdf-gen is open-sourced software licensed under the MIT license