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PHP GetEventStore client

This is a PHP client library for communicating with GetEventStore.

For now the it as been tested against V3.4.0 API, it has yet to be tested against other versions.


Your PHP version should be at least 7.0.0., I think this shouldn't be a problem.

Event Sourcing generally has to be considered from the start of your project.

And as you are starting a new project, why not start it in PHP 7?


$ composer require rayrutjes/php-geteventstore-client

For now there only is an http client. You need to append Guzzle to your project.

$ composer require guzzlehttp/guzzle


$ composer update
$ vendor/bin/phpunit

Tests will be looking for an environment variable GES_BASE_URI. If none is found, it will use the default uri for communication with the event store.

Some opinionated choices

  • We never use xml as a content type for http messages as it makes bodies grow in size.
  • For now, we use embed bodies in feeds to lower the number of http requests.


Please feel free to contribute by any means.