Encodes (and decodes) data as emojis. Implementation of the Ecoji Standard.

1.2.0 2021-02-20 19:00 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2021-09-23 21:16:48 UTC


Ecoji encodes data as 1024 emojis. It's like base1024 with an emoji character set. Visit ecoji.io to try Ecoji in your browser.

rayne/ecoji is a PHP port of Ecoji with 100% test coverage.

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composer require rayne/ecoji


use Rayne\Ecoji\Ecoji;

$ecoji = new Ecoji;
$ecoji->encode("Base64 is so 1999, isn\'t there something better?\n");


use Rayne\Ecoji\Ecoji;

$ecoji = new Ecoji;
Base64 is so 1999, isn't there something better?


use Rayne\Ecoji\Ecoji;

$ecoji = new EcojiStream;
$ecoji->encode($sourceStream, $destinationStream);
$ecoji->decode($sourceStream, $destinationStream);

EcojiStream doesn't wrap the encoded stream without configuring the wrap length first. A value of 0 disables wrapping.

use Rayne\Ecoji\Ecoji;

$ecoji = new EcojiStream;


The CLI encodes and decodes files and streams.

./bin/ecoji --help
Usage: ecoji [OPTIONS]... [FILE]

Encode or decode data as Unicode emojis. 😁

    -d, --decode          Decode data.
    -w, --wrap COLS       Wrap encoded lines after COLS characters (default 76).
                          Use 0 to disable line wrapping.
    -h, --help            Print this message.
    -v, --version         Print version information.

Installing the Composer package rayne/ecoji will create a symlink, e.g. vendor/bin/ecoji.


Launch a temporary Ecoji Docker container to utilize the CLI:

docker run -it --rm rayne/ecoji --help

Pipe data through a container:

echo -n "Ecoji for Docker" | docker run -i --rm rayne/ecoji

Encode or decode a file by mounting it as volume or piping its content through a container:

docker run -it --rm -v /my/message:/file rayne/ecoji /file
cat /my/message | docker run -i --rm rayne/ecoji

Docker Images

The docker/README.md explains how to build the application and all optional development images for all supported PHP versions. Additional convenience scripts run the unit tests with all supported PHP versions.


The library registers the test runner as composer script.

composer test

All units tests can also be run in the development containers specified in the docker directory.