The most advanced PHP regexp library. Clean, descriptive wrapper functions enhancing PCRE extension methods.






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T-Regx | Regular Expressions library

PHP regular expressions brought up to modern standards.

See documentation at t-regx.com.

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  1. Installation
  2. API
  3. Documentation
  4. T-Regx fiddle - Try online
  5. Overview
  6. Comparison
  7. License


Installation for PHP 7.1 and later (PHP 8 as well):

composer require rawr/t-regx


You, choose the interface:

  • I choose to keep PHP methods (but protected from errors):

    Scroll to see - preg::match_all(), preg::replace_callback(), preg::split()

  • I choose the modern regex API:

    Scroll to see - pattern()->test(), pattern()->match(), pattern()->replace()


Full API documentation is available at t-regx.com. List of changes is available in ChangeLog.md.

Try it online, in your browser!

Open T-Regx fiddle and start playing around.

Why T-Regx stands out?

💡 See documentation at t-regx.com

  • No change in API!

    • You can use T-Regx safe features and exception-based error handling, without changing your API.

      Simply swap preg_match() to preg::match(), and your method is safe! Arguments and return types remain the same.

  • Prepared patterns

    Using user data (for example with preg_quote()) isn't always safe with PCRE, as well as just not being that convenient to use. T-Regx provides Pattern::inject() and Pattern::bind() methods, designed specifically for handling potentially unsafe data. Pattern::format() allows converting user-supplied masks into full-fledged patterns safely.

  • Working with the developer

  • Automatic delimiters for your pattern

    Surrounding slashes or tildes (/pattern/ or ~patttern~) are not compulsory.

  • Converting Warnings/Errors to Exceptions

    • Malformed patterns in preg_() methods don't make preg_last_error() to return error.
    • Notices, warnings or errors during preg:: are converted to exceptions.
    • preg_() can never fail, because it throws PregException on warning/error.
    • In some cases, preg_() methods might fail, return false/null and NOT trigger a warning. Separate exception, SuspectedReturnPregException is then thrown by T-Regx.
  • Written with clean API

    • Descriptive, chainable interface
    • SRP methods
    • UTF-8 support out-of-the-box
    • No Reflection used, No (...varargs), No (boolean arguments, true), (No flags, 1) , [No [nested, [arrays]]]
  • Protects your from fatal errors

    Certain arguments cause fatal errors with preg_() methods. T-Regx will throw a catchable exception, instead of a Fatal Error.

What's better

Ugly api


Pretty api


Andreas Leathley - developing SquirrelPHP

T-Regx is developed thanks to



T-Regx is MIT licensed.