Mini CMS framework for PHP.

1.0.8 2019-07-16 18:24 UTC

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Last update: 2020-01-06 17:49:48 UTC


nUberSoft is a small in-the-works CMS framework for PHP. It is a mix of old and new due to it's long development timeframe. Documentation is not as robust as it should be. The majority of this framework will work for non-Linux-based systems, but it is not tested and some security (.htaccess) are not read by Win servers.

The functions, classes, and namespaces are all fairly self-explanitory and usually are easy to follow along. The workings of the application can be automated using an xml file. This is the default for this application.

It requires the rasclatt/nubersoft repository to function. You can download this rep directly and place the contents of the src folder into:


You can also install from composer:

create-project rasclatt/cms {directory_root}

Install Manually CMS & Nubersoft Class Library

All you need do is extract this repository into your root folder and follow the instructions on the (nubersoft)[] repository install that library into a vendor folder. The vendorfolder is required for the Nubersoft library to properly resolve namespacing in the autoloader.