Twig template engine for Primer

v4.0.0 2018-08-03 08:37 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2024-05-12 03:46:22 UTC



A template engine for Primer that uses Twig rather than the deafult (Handlebars).


  1. In the composer.json in your Primer install, replace:

    "rareloop/primer-template-engine-handlebars": "dev-master"


    "rareloop/primer-template-engine-twig": "1.0.*"
  2. Run composer update.

  3. Modify your bootstrap/start.php file and change the Primer::start call to include the templateClass e.g.

    $primer = Primer::start(array(
        'basePath' => __DIR__.'/..', 
        'templateClass' => Rareloop\Primer\TemplateEngine\Twig\Template::class,
  4. Replace all .hbs files in your patterns and views with `.twig' files. If you don't want to do this by hand you can download the base Primer files in Twig format from this repo.


Including patterns within one another

Any pattern can be included within another by using the standard include syntax, e.g.

<div class="sub-pattern">
    {% include 'elements/forms/input' %}

More information on using {% include %} and manipulating the passed in context can be found on the Twig website.

Extending Templates

By default, Primer will wrap all page Templates with a common View (views/template.twig). When using {% extends %} this wrapping is sometimes undesirable, in such circumstances you can disable this behaviour in a couple of ways.

  1. On a per page Template basis. Add the following to the Templates data.json file:

        "primer": {
            "view": "custom-view"
  2. Site wide. Add wrapTemplate: false to the Primer::start call in bootstrap/start.php, e.g.

    $primer = Primer::start([
        'basePath' => __DIR__.'/..',
        'templateClass' => TwigTemplateEngine::class,
        'wrapTemplate' => false,

Twig Template Cache

By default Primer uses a directory called cache inside the project root for cache files. To change this to somewhere else you can set an alternative when you start Primer in bootstrap/start.php, e.g.

$primer = Primer::start(array(
    'basePath' => __DIR__.'/..', 
    'cachePath' => 'absolute/path/to/cache/dir',
    'templateClass' => Rareloop\Primer\TemplateEngine\Twig\Template::class,

Custom Events

Most of the Primer events are still available, this package adds a few engine specific events too:

  • Twig Engine Initialisation

    Called when the Twig engine is created. Useful for registering custom helpers with the Twig engine.

    Event::listen('twig.init', function ($twig) {