This package is abandoned and no longer maintained. The author suggests using the raphy/epitech-intranet package instead.

An easy and modular API to request information from the Epitech's intranet

v2.0.2 2015-10-19 13:16 UTC


An easy and modular API to request information from the Epitech's intranet.

I'm currently re-writting the project to make a v2. Don't use it for production projects but for testing.


The EpitechAPI library use PHP and its cURL extension

You can use Composer on adding the dependency raphy/epitech-api with the command :

$ php composer.phar require raphy/epitech-api "2.*@dev"


The documentation can be found at the doc directory in this repository. You can read by starting at the documentation main page


Since the components use the EpitechAPI\Connector class, the components can be diversified ! You can contribute and share your own components for a better EpitechAPI !

Unit Tests

The repository is tested by Travis-CI. To test the authentication, it must be provided valid Epitech credentials. So Travis-CI use encrypted variables for encrypt these information and it's impossible to make local test without using a script.

The following script allow you make local unit tests, replace the values by yours :

script : travis.sh


export INTRANET_LOGIN=login_x # Your login
export INTRANET_PASSWORD=unix_password # Your password
export INTRANET_AUTOLOGIN_LINK=url # The autologin link provided by intranet at https://intra.epitech.eu/admin/autolog

composer update # Update or install the vendors

./vendor/bin/phpunit # Run the unit tests