A bootstrap for a PHP lib, including basic common files and settings

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A bootstrap for a lib in PHP. Don't set, just code!


This bootstrap will install all the basic files and settings to start a PHP library.

This assumes you'll use Git for vcs, Composer for dependencies, PHPUnit for testing, Travis and Scrutinizer for integration servers.

Files architecture

├── src
|   └── Dummy.php
├── tests
|   └── DummyTest.php
├── vendor
├── .editorconfig
├── .gitattributes
├── .gitignore
├── .scrutinizer.yml
├── .travis.yml
├── composer.json
├── phpunit.xml.dist
└── README.md
  • "src" contains all your PHP code.
  • "tests" contains all your PHP tests. See PHPUnit for more information.
  • "vendor" contains all your PHP dependencies. See Composer for more information.


With Samurai (recommended)

Just execute Samurai with 'lib' boostrap.

$ samurai new lib

With Composer

First, execute Composer to create your project.

$ composer create-project raphhh/php-lib-bootstrap path/to/my/project

Go into your project.

$ cd path/to/my/project

Then, you need to replace composer.json with your specific info.


Launch unit tests

This bootstrap is configured to use PHPUnit. To run the tests, cd to your project and enter the following command in your console:

$ vendor/bin/phpunit