Fuzzy Search, similar text finder: "Did you mean `foo` ?"

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Similar text finder. Install via composer, works with any framework: Laravel, Slim, Symfony, etc.


// Init Similar Text Finder with a needle and a haystack
$text_finder = new \SimilarText\Finder('bananna', ['apple', 'banana', 'kiwi']);

// Get first similar word (it's banana)
echo $text_finder->first();


Install with composer composer require rap2hpoutre/similar-text-finder. That's all.

You can now use it in your framework's controller, or wherever you want (you don't need a framework anyway).


Quick start

Just build a new Similar Text Finder like this:

$tf = new \SimilarText\Finder($needle, $haystack);

$needle may be the user input and $haystack should be an array with all your suggestion. You can display the closest response like this:

echo 'Did you mean ' $tf->first() . ' ?';

Or use it in your favorite template engine (Twig, Blade, etc.)

You can get all your suggestion ordered by most approching words like this:

$all = $tf->all();

Example in raw PHP

use SimilarText\Finder;

// User input with a typo (you could get it from $_GET)
$needle = 'tmatoes';

// Your list (from your database or an API)
$haystack = ['salad', 'tomatoes', 'onions', 'mates'];

// Init Text Finder
$finder = new Finder($needle, $haystack);

// Display all results ordered by the most approching
$results = $finder->all();
echo implode(', ', $results);

// You should see something like "tomatoes, mates, onions, salad", yohoo.