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100.1 2021-07-09 10:07 UTC

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This Simple extension enables realtime posts without any third party service or without any heavy server load except very low-end servers. But note it will cause some load on server.


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Flarum Realtime Posts for Free Forever


I dont know how it is for others, but all this pushers, websockets, real time thing, is a complete latest technology area. Im outdated person.

The pusher and all this Realtime things allows us to see newer posts in flarum without refreshing the browser window.

Do we need to disable Pusher then?

Yes, as it may conflict.

What difference does it make?

  • It's free for your whole life, and doesn't even use any third party services.
  • It works out of the box doesn't even require any configuration.
  • It doesn't even require user interaction, I mean in pusher in order to see new posts the user will have to do like or do scroll up and down then only it will work properly but It's not the case with this one.
    • You can check it yourself open in 2 tabs and set the interval time maybe 5 or 6 seconds and post from 1st tab you will see that the post appears in 2nd tab.

Why should we use it?

As it's free and self hosted and use it only if you are having less than 10,000 users and a better processor for getting posts in Realtime as its mainly for small to medium communities, If you can configure and afford websockets extension then you can use it as it's far more better.

And if it breaks will forum still work.

  • Yes It will not break, It will just make your CPU shutdown, and you can easily turn it on.
  • If you add the update interval time more than 10 seconds than chances are very less.
  • It will only break if your server is very low-end server.


composer require ramesh-dada/realtime


composer update ramesh-dada/realtime


composer remove ramesh-dada/realtime