SleekDB - A 30Kb NoSQL Database made using PHP

1.0.2 2019-01-18 04:39 UTC


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SleekDB - A NoSQL Database made using PHP


SleekDB is a simple NoSQL database that store data in JSON files.

Intentionally SleekDB is not desgined for heavy-load IO operations, it is desgined to have a simple solution where we need a database for managing small amount of data!


  • Light-weight, only ~30Kb
    • Stores data in plain-text utilizing JSON format, no binary conversion needed to store or fetch the data.
  • Schema free data storage
    • SleekDB does not require any schema meaning you can insert any types of data you want.
  • Supports unlimited nested JSON properties
    • Data will be stored in a JSON document, use conditions to filter data of any depth!
  • Dependency free, only requires PHP to run
    • Supports PHP 5.5+, PHP 7+ Requires no third-party plugins or softwares.
  • Default caching layer
    • SleekDB will serve data from cache by default and regenerate cache each time it creates an object!
  • Filter, sort, skip, limit and search
    • Use multiple conditional comparisons, text search, sorting on multiple properties and nested properties.
  • Runs every where
    • Runs perfectly on shared-servers or VPS too.
  • Easy to learn and implement
    • SleekDB provides a very simple elegant API to handle all of your data.
  • Easily import/expert or backup data

Visit our website for documentation and getting started guide.