Zend Framework 2 RequireJS module

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The RdnRequireJS ZF2 module integrates the RequireJS library into your project.

How to install

  1. Use composer to require the radnan/rdn-require-js package:

    $ composer require radnan/rdn-require-js:1.*
  2. Activate the module by including it in your application.config.php file:

    return array(
       'modules' => array(
           // ...

How to use

Create your RequireJS modules in your project's public/ directory:

// public/Bar.js

define(['./Foo'], function(Foo)
    Foo.log('Hello World!');

Then, in your view templates, call the requireJS($name) view helper with the module name as the argument:

/** @var Zend\View\Renderer\PhpRenderer $this */

<?php $this->requireJS('Bar') ?>

The view helper will include the RequireJS library along with the requested modules as inline scripts.

Multiple dependencies

You can call the view helper multiple times and it will keep appending the module dependencies. You can also provide an array to include multiple deps at a time:

/** @var Zend\View\Renderer\PhpRenderer $this */

<?php $this->requireJS(['Bar', 'Baz']) ?>

Code completion

If you'd like to have code completion for this helper, include the following in your PhpRenderer class:

namespace App\View\Renderer;

use Zend\View\Renderer\PhpRenderer as ZendPhpRenderer;

 * @method requireJS(\string $dependencies = array())
class PhpRenderer extends ZendPhpRenderer

Then, simply type hint the $this variable to this class in your view templates.


The RequireJS library is, by default, included from cdnjs. You can configure this using the rdn_require_js.library option:


return array(
    'rdn_require_js' => array(
        'library' => '/path/to/local/require.js',

This path should be relative to your project's base path. The view helper will use the basePath() view helper to resolve the full path.


You can manage the default requireJS configuration using the rdn_require_js.config option:


return array(
    'rdn_require_js' => array(
        'config' => array(
            'baseUrl' => '/modules',

            'paths' => array(
                'App' => 'app/js',

            'packages' => array(

RequireJS config documentation