Run CGI-based applications with Rackem

v0.3.2 2014-01-23 01:32 UTC


Use these to serve CGI compliant applications via Rack'em.


return \Rackem::run(new \Rackem\Php(null, __DIR__));

This will serve the current directory as a PHP CGI application. The first parameter can be used to pass in a Rack'em application so you can also use this as a middleware.

Web Applications

This is a great way to run some PHP applications locally (for development), so I included a Rewritable app to do just that.

return \Rackem::run(new \Rackem\Rewritable(null, __DIR__.'/wordpress'));

This will serve a Wordpress site that is located in ./wordpress/

The Rewritable class can also serve other web applications like Drupal etc.