Download database-records as calendar items (VEVENT).

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0.4.3 2024-01-08 21:11 UTC

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TYPO3 Library: iCalendar

TYPO3 CMS Extension "lib_ical"

What does it do?

This Extension acts as iCal-Service in TYPO3 which will be used by different Data-Providers.

Add Providers

Install a Data-Provider for EXT:lib_ical or register your own with the following lines of code in ext_localconf.php

            'components' => 'vevent',
            'class' => \GeorgRinger\News\Domain\Repository\NewsRepository::class

Add additional lines to your templates and use the provided ViewHelper:

<ical:link class="btn btn-primary" provider="eventnews" additionalParams="{uid:newsItem.uid,custom:'value'}">Download</ical:link>

Note: Since this is currently a beta version, only records of the type "vevent" are possible.