zotapay driver for the Omnipay payment processing library

v1.1.0 2018-05-14 13:09 UTC

This package is auto-updated.

Last update: 2020-08-08 13:37:48 UTC


php driver for zotapay wallet


Zotapay is installed via Composer. To install, simply add it to your composer.json file:

    "require": {
        "antonis0490/omnipay-zotapay": "dev-master"

And run composer to update your dependencies:

$ curl -s http://getcomposer.org/installer | php
$ php composer.phar update

Basic Usage

To make a request:

use Omnipay\Omnipay;
use Omnipay\Zotapay\Message\StatusCallback;

$gateway = Omnipay::create('Zotapay');

$options = array
    "client_orderid" => "merchant reference no",
    "order_desc" => "description",
    "first_name" => "user's first name",
    "last_name" => "user's last name",
    "address1" => "user's address",
    "city" => "user's city",
    "zip_code" => "user's city",
    "country" => "user's country",
    "phone" => "user's phone",
    "email" => "user's email",
    "amount" => "user's amount",
    "currency" => "currency code",
    "ipaddress" => "ip addr",
    "redirect_url" => "url to be redirected after finish payment",
    "server_callback_url" => "url where payment status is to be notified",
    "token" => "zotapay control",
    "zota_endpoint" => "zotapay endpoint")

//change testmode to 0 when live
$response = $gateway->completePurchase($options)->setTestMode(1)->send();

if ($response->isRedirect()) {
} else {

Notify function:

$status = new StatusCallback($_REQUEST);

    $signature = $status->ValidChecksum("zotapay control"));
    if($signature && $status->isSuccessful()){
        //do whats needed

The following gateways are provided by this package:

  • Zotapay

For general usage instructions, please see the main Omnipay site.