Roles and Capabilities plugin for CakePHP

v18.6.5 2021-04-09 05:50 UTC


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CakePHP 3+ plugin managing user roles and capabilities.

This plugin is developed by Qobo for Qobrix. It can be used as standalone CakePHP plugin, or as part of the project-template-cakephp installation.


You can install this plugin into your CakePHP application using composer.

This plugin works along with Qobo Groups plugin.

The recommended way to install composer packages is:

composer require qobo/cakephp-roles-capabilities

Run plugin's migration task:

bin/cake migrations migrate -p RolesCapabilities

Run required plugin(s) migration task:

bin/cake migrations migrate -p Groups


Load plugin

bin/cake plugin load --routes --bootstrap RolesCapabilities

Load required plugin(s)

bin/cake plugin load Muffin/Trash
bin/cake plugin load --routes --bootstrap CakeDC/Users

Load the Capability component in your src/Controller/AppController.php file using the initialize() method. Additionally use the CapabilityTrait in AppController. See details below:

use RolesCapabilities\CapabilityTrait;

class AppController extends Controller
    use CapabilityTrait;

    public function initialize()
        $this->loadComponent('RolesCapabilities.Capability', [
            'currentRequest' => $this->request->params