Calendaring plugin for CakePHP


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CakePHP 3 plugin that uses FullCalendar JS (as part of AdminLTE) to manage calendar events and attendees.

Some of the things that we'll be adding shortly:

  • Calendar Attendees search via auto-complete (using Select2 checkbox).
  • Recurring calendar events.
  • Prototyping calendar attendees.
  • Full re-write of jQuery to VueJS components.
  • FreeBusy Calendar implementation.

Developed by Qobo, used in Qobrix.

NOTE: The plugin is under development, so any Bug Reports and Pull Requests are more than welcomed.

Plugin installation

Install with composer:

composer require qobo/cakephp-calendar

Load plugin and its requirements in the application. In config/bootstrap.php:

# Optionally adding AdminLTE and Qobo Utils that are partially used inside.
Plugin::load('AdminLTE', ['bootstrap' => true, 'routes' => true]);
Plugin::load('Qobo/Calendar', ['bootstrap' => true, 'routes' => true]);

Run database schema migrations to create tables that will hold calendars, events, attendees, etc.:

./bin/cake migrations migrate --plugin Qobo/Calendar


JavaScript and Styling.

The plugin heavily relies on AdminLTE Bootstrap theme for styling, so you should make some adjustments in src/Template/Calendars/index.ctp in order to get it running.

// 'scriptBotton' is an AdminLTE typo that I kept ;(

echo $this->Html->css(

echo $this->Html->script(
        'AdminLTE./plugins/jQuery/jQuery-2.1.4.min', // in case you didn't include it in the layout
        'AdminLTE./bootstrap/js/bootstrap',          // should be include in your layout.
    ['block' => 'scriptBotton']

echo $this->Html->script(
    ['block' => 'scriptBotton']

JavaScript files should go to your footer, so you can use native cake fetch('scriptBottom') and replace scriptBotton with scriptBottom in the index template (assuming that you have $this->fetch('scriptBottom'); in your layout footer.