A Laravel theme manager, that will help you organize and maintain your themes inside Laravel projects.

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This Laravel package adds multi-theme support to your application. It also provides a simple authentication scaffolding for a starting point for building a Laravel application. And it also has preset for Bootstrap, Tailwind, Vue, and React. So, I believe it is a good alternative to the laravel/ui & laravel/breeze package.


  • Any number of themes
  • Fallback theme support (WordPress style); It allows creating a child theme to extend any theme
  • Provides authentication scaffolding similar to laravel/ui & laravel/breeze
  • Exports all auth controllers, tests, and other files similar to laravel/breeze
  • Provides frontend presets for Bootstrap, Tailwind, Vue 2, Vue 3 and React

If you don't want to use auth scaffolding of this package, instead you want to use Laravel Fortify, no problem with that. You can use Laravel Themer with Fortify. Laravel Fortify only gives backend implementation authentication, it does not provide views or frontend presets. So, use Fortify for backend auth and Laravel Themer for views and presets.


Here is the video for Laravel Themer Tutorial.

Installation and setup

You can install this package via composer using:

composer require qirolab/laravel-themer

Publish a configuration file:

php artisan vendor:publish --provider="Qirolab\Theme\ThemeServiceProvider" --tag="config"

Creating a theme

Run the following command in the terminal:

php artisan make:theme

Create theme

This command will ask you to enter theme name, CSS framework, js framework, and optional auth scaffolding.

Useful Theme methods:

// Set active theme

// Get current active theme

// Get current parent theme

// Clear theme. So, no theme will be active

// Get theme path
Theme::path($path = 'views');
// output:
// /app-root-path/themes/active-theme/views

Theme::path($path = 'views', $themeName = 'admin');
// output:
// /app-root-path/themes/admin/views

// Output:
// [
//     '/app-root-path/themes/admin/views',
//     '/app-root-path/resources/views'
// ]

Middleware to set a theme

Register ThemeMiddleware in app\Http\Kernel.php:

protected $routeMiddleware = [
    // ...
    'theme' => \Qirolab\Theme\Middleware\ThemeMiddleware::class,

Examples for middleware usage:

// Example 1: set theme for a route
Route::get('/dashboard', 'DashboardController@index')

// Example 2: set theme for a route-group
Route::group(['middleware'=>'theme:admin-theme'], function() {
    // "admin-theme" will be applied to all routes defined here

// Example 3: set child and parent theme
Route::get('/dashboard', 'DashboardController@index')

Asset compilation

To compile the theme assets, you need to add the theme's webpack.mix.js in the root webpack.mix.js.

// add this in the root `webpack.mix.js`

Now you can run the npm install and npm run dev command to compile theme assets.

If you add multiple webpack.mix.js of different themes in the root webpack.mix.js, then webpack may not compile these correctly. So, you should modify the root webpack.mix.js with the following code:

let theme = process.env.npm_config_theme;

if(theme) {
} else {
    // default theme to compile if theme is not specified

Now, to compile a particular theme run the following command:

npm run dev --theme=theme-name

# or

npm run watch --theme=theme-name

# or

npm run production --theme=theme-name

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Authentication scaffolding stubs and presets are taken from laravel/ui, laravel/breeze, and laravel-frontend-presets/tailwindcss.


The MIT License (MIT). Please see License File for more information.